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The kind of rain that made everything a deeper shade of green. A jungle catalyst.

The kind the seemed to pour right directly onto my heart and please my head just so.

On the contrary, the sky had seemed nauseous, welling up and vomiting it’s contents in taunting fits and starts, but my skin- my gracious, valiant, outer layer must’ve been in it’s best filtration mood, because by the time it reached my innards- it was the most beautiful thing. Simply put. And everything glowed.


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Well fancy this. Just my BLOG and I. Never thought I would be one joining the ranks of the typing-documentatious culture that I narrowly skirt. Yes, that is a word. As of this very moment.

It’s actually quite relieving to have an avenue to walk my wild wonderings down. A place to call home, if you will, to my visions, ponderances, funny over-heard side convos, tid bits of inspiration, and what ever else wants to shine. Annnnd the occasional shot of someone’s thong hanging out. -love that shit-. It’s the little things, no?

I have a feeling that this collection of writing will self-evolve naturally. I have no plans, apart of course from showing my jewelry to you! And that will be an adjunct to the rest of what comes. Stay tuned. We can grow together maybe even. Thanks for looking*

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