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There is proof of divinity and I have found it in the absolute guarantee that when in passing, we are granted the best part of side conversations.


You see this, right?!

Caveat: Perhaps there is an art to it and I’m just so good that I don’t even see it. I used to have examples by the dozen, but my memory is worn thin like grandmama.

specimen 1: at a concert parking lot; two young men-  “yeah, and then I saw my mother-in-law on  Jerry Springer”. *thank you*

specimen 2: #14 bus to downtown Portland; man to woman probably early 20’s w/ a lot of hard  knocks already, judging by how they appeared and talked- m: “you hotter than a hooker in church!” w: “well if I was really your bitch you would sit next to me, then.”

specimen 3: convo overheard btwn student (with a mop of curly brown hair and very slight everything else), and after-school care teacher

teacher: Hey brother (tongue and cheek)

student: I’m not your brother. (thinking…) Well, I guess I am, in the way that Daddy is God and then so Mommy is Jesus.

Can’t make this stuff up.

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