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Definition of HERO

a : a mythological or legendary figure often of divine descent endowed with great strength or abilityb : an illustrious warriorc : a man admired for his achievements and noble qualitiesd : one who shows great courage
a : the principal character in a literary or dramatic workb : the central figure in an event, period, or movement
plural usually he·ros : submarine 2
: an object of extreme admiration and devotion : idol
       Ask a modern kid who there hero is. It’s probably no surprise that  the majority of the time the response will be full of celebrities and sports players… Curses. Sometimes someone on their list might make the cut that’s worthy of hero/ heroine status; albiet dead. Obviously this is a reflection of our value placements in our flashy, splashy, frenetic, bigger-is-better, faster, technologically-infused society. But wait! Fear not, as this isn’t a rant on our scopes or sad states of affair… Hold tight.
       Every now and again I like to step back and take inventory of my interests, priorities, actions, and what/ who I appreciate. Knowing too much celebrity gossip, or really any for that matter, has always just freaked me out. I think this stems partially from a deep seeded fear that the info would take up valuable space in my brain. The other part being that I really just don’t give a rat’s ass. It’s just kind of creepy. I never got the fascination with ‘People’ mag, or any of that kind of thing… Different strokes… Keeping abreast of politics is an absolute priority, despite the fact that it generally tightens each and every one of my muscles, as the daily stresses of world events settle in. Man, there is some heavy sh#t going on!
       It is my intention in this post, to draw upon the quite, ever present, ever acting champions. The people, places, and things that lend us inspiration and encouragement, just by virtue of being. These are beings who exist, embedded in the very fabric of our lives, as if to sway gently, steadily, and with constance in the background, yet provide a critical placement that is key in the peace that we do feel.
 And so, my heroes…  are comprised of the little old ladies with practiced, yet natural poise, who carry huge, heavy baskets on their heads, walk for miles, and can laugh with out spilling a drop.
People who have a cause and are rebels who do not lose sight of the grand picture, and remain steady and as light hearted as possible, and bring ease to those around them; effortlessly.
Living, breathing artists who are aware of their God/ Goddess given gifts and do not keep there talents pent up, but share, inspire, create, and spread the colors of their imaginations all over the cities and onto the children, encouraging them and pushing them to do great things.
People who are brave enough to pick up a beat and make it come alive, and/ or who play an instrument and speak the language of love with it, bridging cross cultural gaps. 
The beauty, resilience, and tenacity of every flower, weed, lichen cluster, and blade of grass that bores it’s seed or spore into the side of buildings, cracks of sidewalks, breaks in pavements, whispering softly the song of reclamation.
The      humble gardener with the itty bitty plot who gently and wisely tend their crop, planting flora in the name of healthy eating, good living, sharing the abundance, and beautifying the area to make passer byes happy and meet friends.
The ones who let there freak flag fly (say it 5x fast!) and dare to be. And do this just cause why not. 

Motivated individuals who are driven enough to start up companies that do not compromise their morals, that support free and fair trade, a livable wage, and respect to the people and the land.

I will likely have to come back to this and add. Regularly. A roaming tally.

Feel free to add as well… Who are your heroes???

     “The only people for me are the mad ones. The ones who are mad to love, mad to talk, mad to be saved; the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow Roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars.”
-Jack Kerouac 

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The first time that I ever saw a Pug in my life remains to me a very clear memory. I was over a good girlfriend’s house in high school, in come her mum with this squat, black, snorty thing. Never had I seen anything like it. Certain that it was a hybrid between a common housefly, a dog, and possibly a raisin; I couldn’t believe my eyes. Not that I have, or intend on doing the research, and I have no idea/ particular care what it’s lineage is. What does interest me is how breeds in general come into existence. Now, Im no semen scientist, not a regular old person with a natural knack for gynecology, no anthropologist… none of the fields that would inform me as to if breeding has happened between extremely different species. However, as an innocent (ignorant?) bystandard, I would give an emphatic ‘Yes!’; there has been a lot of ‘co-mingling’ and partying between animals.

At the (best) dog park (ever) the other day (shout out to Fernhill!), I came up on a small dog that kinda rocked my world. He was fidgety, so it was pretty challenging to get a fair picture of him with my 5 & dime phone camera. I did manage to get a decently hot head shot of this little beast to show you, and a pretty flattering picture at that. Doesn’t he look rather noble?

Introducing~ Fibinacci. <Name has been misspelled to protect identity.>

I found that I was unable to speak in my normal voice around this dog- thing. Why? It kept involuntarily raising a good 4 octives and I’de find myself talking in what would best be described as a penguin’s voice, if I had to choose. I know; ”Creative”. But I’m serious!

He had very soft, white hair atop of his head, where on his back he had thick, coarse hair- Sheep hair! He had a cowboy walk. I would say that his lineage was intersected and smashed together with a dog, a sheep, a light brown ant, and a sentient football. But that’s just my guess.

Either way- the jury was out, and interestingly enough, no one seemed able to pass him with out eliciting some sort of extreme response. Some exclaimed on how cute, others on how hideous, strange, funny looking…

All in all I am forever grateful for the mutts, and will love them even if some bat, spider and eel snuck in there.

Moral of the story? Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.

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Here. It’s a gift. For your gut, and your brain ,and the memory part of your brain, which is a different part of the brain than I was originally referring to. Do watch- I guarantee happiness. Or your money back.

This lil’ video is one of my favorite comedians helping us to remember how good we have it. Holy shit we are blessed. It’s just easy to forget when we have it all over the place.

This is the major foundation for my… Theory of Abundance… A theory that I have developed that is based on both observation and direct experience; that we take for granted what we have in our lives when we have it too much or too often. It’s the classic wanting what you can’t have until you get it, orrr at least it’s bastard cousin. It’s in the same family also, of the grass is always greener. Don’t worry, you’ll smell what I’m cooking soon enough.

In support of this, I present you with my very favorite example: the Pigeon. Yes, obviously I have a thing for them (always have). Maybe you were curious as to why? And so here it goes. The pigeon, ladies and gents, is one of the top most resilient creatures. What other birds do you see during all seasons? What other creatures that we live in symbiosis with are totally independent and resourceful to boot? They can survive nearly anywhere in an urban setting, which is not some thing that most birds can claim. They will eat what they can find, be it bugs or garbage. They are opportunists. They can casually exist in harmony with the passers’-bye. Yes, they are known as ‘rats of the sky’, but mind you, they will not infest a home, nor are we in danger of transmitted diseases from them. They are also quite beautiful. All iridescent and sh*t. I like to think of them as soiled doves. And everyone has a soft spot for doves. The bird bearing the olive branch of peace was also a white pigeon, err, dove. Right. Dear reader, they are the last of urban wild life. We take them for granted because they are every where. Now, in Australia, kangaroos are invasive pests. They view their kangaroos in a similar light that we do with pigeons. Is it because they are used to their presence? Would you mind terribly seeing a kangaroo hop by your abode tomorrow? I think not! You see? We are a bit spoiled and must remember to give thanks for all we have. End of pigeon defense. In conclusion, let us take note of the abundance and rejoice! And be kind to pigeons (:

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There is proof of divinity and I have found it in the absolute guarantee that when in passing, we are granted the best part of side conversations.


You see this, right?!

Caveat: Perhaps there is an art to it and I’m just so good that I don’t even see it. I used to have examples by the dozen, but my memory is worn thin like grandmama.

specimen 1: at a concert parking lot; two young men-  “yeah, and then I saw my mother-in-law on  Jerry Springer”. *thank you*

specimen 2: #14 bus to downtown Portland; man to woman probably early 20’s w/ a lot of hard  knocks already, judging by how they appeared and talked- m: “you hotter than a hooker in church!” w: “well if I was really your bitch you would sit next to me, then.”

specimen 3: convo overheard btwn student (with a mop of curly brown hair and very slight everything else), and after-school care teacher

teacher: Hey brother (tongue and cheek)

student: I’m not your brother. (thinking…) Well, I guess I am, in the way that Daddy is God and then so Mommy is Jesus.

Can’t make this stuff up.

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For all of us who are compelled by the flowery abilities, alternative expletives, bounds of descriptive potential, lexicographical nuances… come, be a part of the grand contribution to a fine and ever increasing compilation of play on words, entertaining tales of cross cultural homophones, and ,my personal favorite, misuse “of” quotations (yes!!), among much much more. And, because we have behaved so well and appreciated the art of expression, without further ado I am happy to present you with a little entertaining morsel of brain candy:
Lexophiles (Lovers of Words)
Enjoy and visit soon, I will do my best to provide entertainment (:

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D.I.Y. movement

A chance for old to be new

Old boot, new planter


Brilliant shining soul


Swallowed a starfish


Please go on and sing

Make like no one is around

Then I’ll know you’re freed


Spider, I’m sorry

Breaking your web really sucks

‘specially with my face



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